Working at Spacecaps

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We believe in the power of shared goals forming a hive mind that empowers the group with the north star that is both meaningful and impactful. Join us in our mission to empower people in a decentralized world, where gamers and developers can pursue their dreams.

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Our Values

The fun comes first

Work environment

Life can be easy if you’re having fun in the process. For that, being yourself and authentic at work is not just recommended, it’s needed.

So much WOW

Building philosophy

We are passionate about our customers. We want to hear compliments as a result of our strong commitment to constantly raising the bar.

Make it happen


Moving fast with laser focus is our superpower. Stop listening to the noise, cut the drama and get things done.

Be frank to you and others

How we act

We value openness and true words. We seek and provide honest feedback while being aware of our limitations and looking for continuous improvement.

Good ideas come from everywhere

Team collaboration

Listen to the intern. Listen to your colleague. Listen even to your neighbor. We define priorities based on the value of the ideas and equal debate, not on hierarchy.

We build for gamers

Customer obsession

We build products and solutions that we use: from gamers to gamers. We break tech barriers and welcome everyone.

We are hiring

10 jobs in All Companies in All Departments in All Locations